Thursday, 10 March 2011

Results - I love looking at pictures like this, when I'm having trouble motivating myself to revise, really puts a smile on my face (I'm aware i sound MEGA sad)

So, it has finally reached Thursday the 10th of March! Which for AS/A level students, up and down the country only means one thing RESULTS DAY! And I am sooo happy to say I got really good grades! Three A's and one B to be precise! I'm so glad all my hard work has paid off :) and it really does motivate me to work super hard for the next two months or so, in preparation for the summer exams! eep! :D So fingers crossed, I shall defiantly get a university place, I'm currently torn between Aberystwyth or Nottingham, they're both so different it really is difficult to chose! I have friends going to both of the Unis and Ive only heard good things about both! HELP!

I will end this blog on a wonderfully musical note:
I am LOVIN G this! :) Its such a beautiful cover, proper makes me feel so chilled and relaxed! And she is SO talented for a 14 year old!

Have a wonderful weekend 


  1. I live in Nottingham and have got couple of friends studying there. They all said that its a really friendly uni and the accommodation is brilliant :) I've been to the revision session in the uni and it was quite progressive. So the teaching quality wouldnt be bad i suppose :)

    Hope this is helpful:) xx

  2. awh thank you Quincy! :D ive put nottingham down as my firm, so provided i get the grades i need i might be seeing you there ;)