Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Daily Dress Up 15

Its actually really grey and cloudy in the UK and here are some pictures from back when it was reasonably sunny :) I don't actually like the picture that much (it was the best of a bad bunch!) , I think the outfit looks better in real life - but I want to post something to prevent me getting all lazy again!

Shirt - River island, Shorts - Warehouse, Shoes - Primark, Necklace - Market, Bracelet - Market
Also, my little sister turned SEVENTEEN today, so I thought id share this picture of her with you pretty people!  We went a little high school musical on you guys!


Tuesday, 13 September 2011


I haven't blogged for pretty much a whole month, I lost my mojo for a bit, I was still spending hours looking at other beautiful bloggers but i just couldn't conjure up the inspiration to blog myself. However, I'm back and rearing to go! ;)

And in my month away, I've turned 19! I spent the day with family, it was Ramadan so we had to wait till about 8:30pm till we could actually eat! but when the clock striked half 8 we had so much food it was untrue, my mom bought me a chocolate fountain and hired a shisha so we spent the night covered in chocolate and smoking the yummy skittles goodness (well its not that good, its a carcinogenic but so is orange peel, so you know)
Denim Jacket - Unknown, Dress - Yumi, Leggings - F21, Wedges - Barrats

I also found out i got into the University of Nottingham which i am stoked about! I move out in two weeks and I cant wait to get straight into proper student life! Ive spent hours on weheartit looking at bedroom inspiration hehe :)

You miss me?! ;)