Thursday, 13 January 2011

Scallops on a pea purèe.

When it comes to my clothes, its the little details that make me go for a specific item. 
and right now, I am LOVING the scallop detail! Its so cute and chic, and fits in perfectly to the spring trends. 
I adore the pink topshop vest, they have so many in all sorts of colours and prints. The other vest is from New Look that's most defiantly on my wish list! The ASOS dress is also another beaut I am completely lusting over! its sickeningly cute :) The other two dresses are from Mina - a gorgeous online store of unique dresses - and the other is ASOS 

Also, exams have kicked in! I had my first of four today, and it went well I think (watch me jynx myself now) anyway, I've been revising my bum off, it's so horrible haha!

Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year.

So, here are just a few pictures courtsey of the beautiful Lucy, as I (being typcial me) forgot my camera! 
We ended up at Subway City, a lovely grotty club with the best tunes ever! Had so much fun and it truley was the perfect end to 2010! 
I can't wait for this year, fingers crossed I'll get the grades I need for uni and I'll just have a happy, DRAMA FREE year! 

 Ignore my hair, its in a desperate need of a cut, and my (poor excuse for a ) fringe was having a B.F!