Sunday, 27 March 2011

Daily Dress Up 3

Another week has gone by in a flutter! It really is mad how fast the weeks are passing by, before I know it summer exams will be over, and I'll be preparing for the future - whether that be university or something else... 
I took these pictures, very quickly, earlier this week before I had to leave for college. 
I LOVE these dungarees! they're from UNIQLO - they're a tad too big for me on the waist and makes my arse look absolutely terrible hence, the over sized cocoon cardi to hide it hehe! but apart from the weird sizing they're amazing and perfect for casual boring days at college, a very quick thing I can throw on with a Tee, and run out the door. My Owl necklace is from ASOS, and is sooo adorable! My picture does it no justice at all, its a lot more shiny and the eyes look like little sapphires :) Its a perfect little accessory to jazz a rather boring outfit up.

So bored, I'm currently trying to do some chemistry revision, but I can't concentrate cause I'm feeling abit blah! The entire week has been abit blah; the sun came out to play for a few days which was nice, not that I made the most of it - silly me ay? I also went to the pub with my BF the other night and again, I didn't make the most of it. So my aim for the coming week - try to be more happy and make the most of whatever comes my way.

Hows your week been?

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Gillian Zinser

Or, Ivy from 90210. 
I think she is one of the most beautiful women ever! I've admired her for a very long time, She is defiantly very different to a lot of the actresses we have around at the moment. Her style on and offset is so laid back and effortless which is what I really go for when I pick an outfit. Despite looking like a beauty that has just threw on the first clean clothes she could find , her style is also very original and different - which I LOVE and therefore I think she deserves a post!
On 90210, she have a very capsule wardrobe of mainly denim cut offs, various funky T shirts and of course, the hat! 
Aztec dress Striped Tee Tye Dye Tee Levis Shorts Bracelts and Hat

I think it’s off set when Gillian really expresses herself; she looks the most beautiful and unique! Clearly, she loves her prints and, she pairs them so well. Again, it’s effortless, she tends to keep things quite simple and then adds a large dose of unique print or colour. The last picture has to be my favourite! It’s a wonderful combination; the plain black maxi skirt is brought to another level by the green check tied blouse! She never sticks to one "style" which I love; no one wants to be a one trick pony! Her makeup is always so nice too! Gillian always looks fresh faced and natural, never OTT make up and, to jazz it up she wears bright coloured lipsticks - which were going to be seeing a lot of through S/S11! But I think to really achieve her style, it’s more a matter of being brave to mix and match things you normally wouldn’t ever consider , this is defiantly the case with me, hopefully, as my self esteem and confidence grows, my ability to try new things will too.
 Topshop Dress Office Clogs knitted floral maxi dress Striped Maxi dress Animal Print Trousers

So, who else likes Gillians Zinsers look? 

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Monday, 21 March 2011

Daily Dress Up 2

Hello beautiful! and Hello the first day of Spring!

Went for a lovely Sunday lunch with the "in-laws" over the weekend, and this is what I wore :) We actually went to a herb centre which is pretty LOL and ate at the restaurant/cafe there, it was very nice, I had the best prawn salad EVER! I adore spending time with my boyfriends family, they're all so funny and well, rather cool! It makes me all excited for when I'm older and I'm going to have my very own family! (sad I know) I'm aware these pictures aren't wonderful, I'm not used to using the self timer on my camera and I'm still learning - so any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated! - I'm also experimenting with all the rooms in my house too, trying to find the room with the best lighting so within a few weeks you may discover what my house looks like from all my different Daily Dress Up posts!
Dress - H&M , Belt and Tights - Primark, Shoes - Debenhams
The dress is from H&M and is simply gorgeous! It has a simply daisy print all over and buttons going down it. The shirred elastic waist is so flattering too, hiding my belly! I adore anything cute and floral so this is a winner, and for £15 a bargain too! 
Hope you all have a lovely week!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Results - I love looking at pictures like this, when I'm having trouble motivating myself to revise, really puts a smile on my face (I'm aware i sound MEGA sad)

So, it has finally reached Thursday the 10th of March! Which for AS/A level students, up and down the country only means one thing RESULTS DAY! And I am sooo happy to say I got really good grades! Three A's and one B to be precise! I'm so glad all my hard work has paid off :) and it really does motivate me to work super hard for the next two months or so, in preparation for the summer exams! eep! :D So fingers crossed, I shall defiantly get a university place, I'm currently torn between Aberystwyth or Nottingham, they're both so different it really is difficult to chose! I have friends going to both of the Unis and Ive only heard good things about both! HELP!

I will end this blog on a wonderfully musical note:
I am LOVIN G this! :) Its such a beautiful cover, proper makes me feel so chilled and relaxed! And she is SO talented for a 14 year old!

Have a wonderful weekend 

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Daily Dress Up

Blouse - Topshop, Shorts - DIY, Leggings - F21 Belt - Primark

so my first ever outfit post hahaha! I would've called this an "OOTD" but, really this isn't THE outfit of the day, as I only wear one outfit per day (except my jammies) so it never makes sense to me, to call it an OOTD. Anyway, I needed  to go to the post office and I thought before I went out I would take a few pics! :)  I absolutely adore this blouse (its actually a tunic), I got it last summer and its just to floaty and beautiful, the print is gorgeous! And has a crochet detailing down the sleeves and across the top of the back which you can kindof see in the first picture. This weeks been good, Wednesday me and the BF went to Shogun, a sushi bar in the Mailbox, and as per usual we ate ourselves to death! I actually felt a bit queasy in the car on the way home! I did take a few pictures BUT my god damn phone broke! I knew this day was coming tbh, as my phone has never really worked since I bought lol but there you go .... 
Results day is Thursday, and I am fully shitting  myself! I put sooo much work into these exams I am hoping and praying it has all paid off. 
Its a Saturday afternoon and I'm so bored, I might make a cake .........