Saturday, 26 March 2011

Gillian Zinser

Or, Ivy from 90210. 
I think she is one of the most beautiful women ever! I've admired her for a very long time, She is defiantly very different to a lot of the actresses we have around at the moment. Her style on and offset is so laid back and effortless which is what I really go for when I pick an outfit. Despite looking like a beauty that has just threw on the first clean clothes she could find , her style is also very original and different - which I LOVE and therefore I think she deserves a post!
On 90210, she have a very capsule wardrobe of mainly denim cut offs, various funky T shirts and of course, the hat! 
Aztec dress Striped Tee Tye Dye Tee Levis Shorts Bracelts and Hat

I think it’s off set when Gillian really expresses herself; she looks the most beautiful and unique! Clearly, she loves her prints and, she pairs them so well. Again, it’s effortless, she tends to keep things quite simple and then adds a large dose of unique print or colour. The last picture has to be my favourite! It’s a wonderful combination; the plain black maxi skirt is brought to another level by the green check tied blouse! She never sticks to one "style" which I love; no one wants to be a one trick pony! Her makeup is always so nice too! Gillian always looks fresh faced and natural, never OTT make up and, to jazz it up she wears bright coloured lipsticks - which were going to be seeing a lot of through S/S11! But I think to really achieve her style, it’s more a matter of being brave to mix and match things you normally wouldn’t ever consider , this is defiantly the case with me, hopefully, as my self esteem and confidence grows, my ability to try new things will too.
 Topshop Dress Office Clogs knitted floral maxi dress Striped Maxi dress Animal Print Trousers

So, who else likes Gillians Zinsers look? 

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  1. ah really love these picks! i've always wanted a pair of levi's and i fell in love wiht that pinafore when i first saw it in topshop :0

    hope you'll visit/follow

  2. Thanks :)
    I'm currently saving for that pinafore! its LUSH!
    and im following you mary lee :)

  3. Thanks for that sweet comment on my blog. Her style is awesome. Im following :)

  4. She is so hot, one of my favourite fashionistas of the moment :)

  5. i agree with you, this girl has so much style!
    cute blog btw :)