Friday, 23 December 2011

Daily Dress Up 18

Recognise the platforms? they're on my Christmas wish list! Me and the BF had our Christmas early due to revision/work/christmas. I love them so much, worn them all day today - despite not leaving the house! The blouse is another one of my bargains, its been mistaken for silk at numerous events but the blouse only cost me £7! I'd had my eye on the perfect blouse for so long, and when I seen this gorgeous piece in the sale racks at H&M, I had to buy it! 

Back at home now for the Christmas break, ONLY TWO DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS! which means I will be blogging a lot more! 

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas!

Friday, 2 December 2011

My Face

I haven't shown my face on here since September, so here's my face, hasnt really changed has it? .... and check out the leopard print snood COST ME ONE POUND! SCORE!

Have you bought any bargains recently?

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Christmas Wish List

1st of December already! Can you believe it? Oh how time flies. 
I've found it really hard to tell people what I want for Christmas this year, I really have everything I want and need. But, this hasn't stopped me from creating a little list ;)


What do you want for Christmas?

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Daily Dress Up 15

Its actually really grey and cloudy in the UK and here are some pictures from back when it was reasonably sunny :) I don't actually like the picture that much (it was the best of a bad bunch!) , I think the outfit looks better in real life - but I want to post something to prevent me getting all lazy again!

Shirt - River island, Shorts - Warehouse, Shoes - Primark, Necklace - Market, Bracelet - Market
Also, my little sister turned SEVENTEEN today, so I thought id share this picture of her with you pretty people!  We went a little high school musical on you guys!


Tuesday, 13 September 2011


I haven't blogged for pretty much a whole month, I lost my mojo for a bit, I was still spending hours looking at other beautiful bloggers but i just couldn't conjure up the inspiration to blog myself. However, I'm back and rearing to go! ;)

And in my month away, I've turned 19! I spent the day with family, it was Ramadan so we had to wait till about 8:30pm till we could actually eat! but when the clock striked half 8 we had so much food it was untrue, my mom bought me a chocolate fountain and hired a shisha so we spent the night covered in chocolate and smoking the yummy skittles goodness (well its not that good, its a carcinogenic but so is orange peel, so you know)
Denim Jacket - Unknown, Dress - Yumi, Leggings - F21, Wedges - Barrats

I also found out i got into the University of Nottingham which i am stoked about! I move out in two weeks and I cant wait to get straight into proper student life! Ive spent hours on weheartit looking at bedroom inspiration hehe :)

You miss me?! ;)

Monday, 15 August 2011

Daily Dress Up 14

 (think I was talking when this was taken)
Blouse - Charity Shop, Jeans - New look, Shoes - Vintage (gift)

haven't blogged in a very long time, due to a mixture of lack of motivation (translation = laziness) and I have been working :) These pictures are from a while ago now, but I needed to share them with you anyway, because I loveee the blouse, I got it from a charity shop in St Ives whilst I was on holiday :) The print and shape are perfect!
Results day this Thursday, safe to say I'm shitting myself! lets hope this year i do a lot better than last year, ay?

Good luck to anyone getting their results this Thursday!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Daily Dress Up 13

Hi, Haven't done one of these for a very long time! Ive been busy doing nothing in particular ;)  which actually translates into - Ive been watching TV and eating mass amounts of food whilst rotting in my PJ's

The outfit is actually from the night I watched the final Harry potter which, I just have to say was EPIC and the perfect way to end the series,  it really will be missed but never forgotten! (potter forever!)
blouse - Yumi, Jeans - Newlook, Shoes - Newlook, Bracelets - ASOS and Claires.

Did you Watch Harry Potter?

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Please Vote For Me

So Ive entered the Velvet Brigade competition! which is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in fashion and/or design. Basically you submit your design and in 30 days the designs with the most votes ect ect are then produced and sold! 
I would appreciate it so so soooo much, and I will give you all an individual cyber hug if you vote for me! 

heres the scan of my designs, I know my drawing skills aren't brilliant but imagine it in a gorgeous luxe sheer, floaty silky material and a gorgeous sequin embelished belt! :)

Click HERE to vote! 
Thanks again gorgeous girls and boys!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Autumn/Winter 2011

Found this video earlier whilst surfing the interwebz, and I have to say it is really getting me excited for Autumn/Winter 2011 (HOLD ON?! in JULY! steady on, you eager beaver!!!)
Primarks campaign looks amazing, all the clothes look so luxe, expensive and a lot of things I would actually expect to see in stores such as topshop, not primark! Lots of colour blocking too .....
I'm loving the main colours used :
 teals, mustards, plum wines, and of course coral which has been all over S/S11 is sticking around for another season!

Along with Primark, other stores have been showing off their new fabulous Autumn/Winter pieces so here's my pick of the best from the high street:

I love the fairisle cape and komino, they're both gorgeous and can just been thrown on before going out and will really lift a simple outfit; I think tribal/aztec print knits are going to be a winner this winter! The knitted jumpers are so cute and I cant wait to get my hands on my own! But the dress steals the show, I love it, the autumnal colours and the print really gives it that bohemian 70s feel!

Topshop have divided their collection into 6 key trends and once again, I've picked my favourites from the bunch to share with you beautiful people!
faux fur:
Pencil skirts:
Boyish coats:
Ankle Grazers:

novelty jumpers: 
Chelsea heels:
If I had access to endless amounts of money, i would totally buy everything from my topshop list, everything works together and everything is just gorgeous. My favourites are the black blazer with the leather detailing, the simple slouchy shape is just lush!! And the elephant printed trousers are just too cute for words!

New look are totally ON IT with the whole colour trending, I love it! Its been around during summer but I really wasn't brave enough to try it, I always rely on prints to ensure my outfits aren't too plain or simple. But new look have made it look so easy and really nice, I think I will defiantly be trying it out next season. And don't even get me started on those gorgeous heels!  I need them in my life!

I hope you know, I'm not telling anyone to dress a certain way, everyone has their own style and opinions - you may actually totally disagree with what I've picked as my favourites! (do tell me what you pretty people think)  but that's what fashion is all about! expressing and sharing what you like! :) 

What are your key pieces for Autumn/Winter 2011?

Sunday, 10 July 2011


Holiday is over, and I have a very long period between finding out my A level results *cries* so to keep myself busy I've planned on doing a few little DIY projects every week or so. I used to really love sewing and just messing around with fabrics, I had bags full of old materials when I was a child, which I would spend hours playing with and making dresses with my friends - however because of college and studying Ive never had the time to sit down and have some fun with a needle and thread... until now :)
and here is my first DIY project: The lace collar.

I bought this dress from H&M about 2 (?) years ago, and I adore it, but I felt it needed a bit of revamp so i decided to add a little peterpan/lace collar to it :)

I got the lace and pearl beads from the Birmingham market, and I think all together is cost me £2.50 which isn't too shabby at all! The lace collar is actually meant for small toddlers - but shh!

 Viola! A knitted dress with a cute lace collar. it was such a simple and cheap DIY I cant believe fashion stores will charge £30 or more for something similar or, to be honest, ANYTHING, with a little collar on it just because its "on trend".  

tell me what you think please!