Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Autumn/Winter 2011

Found this video earlier whilst surfing the interwebz, and I have to say it is really getting me excited for Autumn/Winter 2011 (HOLD ON?! in JULY! steady on, you eager beaver!!!)
Primarks campaign looks amazing, all the clothes look so luxe, expensive and a lot of things I would actually expect to see in stores such as topshop, not primark! Lots of colour blocking too .....
I'm loving the main colours used :
 teals, mustards, plum wines, and of course coral which has been all over S/S11 is sticking around for another season!

Along with Primark, other stores have been showing off their new fabulous Autumn/Winter pieces so here's my pick of the best from the high street:

I love the fairisle cape and komino, they're both gorgeous and can just been thrown on before going out and will really lift a simple outfit; I think tribal/aztec print knits are going to be a winner this winter! The knitted jumpers are so cute and I cant wait to get my hands on my own! But the dress steals the show, I love it, the autumnal colours and the print really gives it that bohemian 70s feel!

Topshop have divided their collection into 6 key trends and once again, I've picked my favourites from the bunch to share with you beautiful people!
faux fur:
Pencil skirts:
Boyish coats:
Ankle Grazers:

novelty jumpers: 
Chelsea heels:
If I had access to endless amounts of money, i would totally buy everything from my topshop list, everything works together and everything is just gorgeous. My favourites are the black blazer with the leather detailing, the simple slouchy shape is just lush!! And the elephant printed trousers are just too cute for words!

New look are totally ON IT with the whole colour trending, I love it! Its been around during summer but I really wasn't brave enough to try it, I always rely on prints to ensure my outfits aren't too plain or simple. But new look have made it look so easy and really nice, I think I will defiantly be trying it out next season. And don't even get me started on those gorgeous heels!  I need them in my life!

I hope you know, I'm not telling anyone to dress a certain way, everyone has their own style and opinions - you may actually totally disagree with what I've picked as my favourites! (do tell me what you pretty people think)  but that's what fashion is all about! expressing and sharing what you like! :) 

What are your key pieces for Autumn/Winter 2011?


  1. Haha, I am SO EXCITED for Autumn/Winter! Nice picks; I love the River Island boots. x

  2. I like the river island post, are those plastic boots also from river island? A bit a rip off from the melissa/vivienne westwood boots, which i own and I'm longing for winter to be able to wear them again ;)
    I like your blog as well, will be following!

  3. Cool stuff!

  4. ahh, this is wonderful!!! seeing as its still winter here i can embrace this with open arms ;)

  5. love the pink new look jacket! cant wait till they get those in :)

  6. I love the & sweater!

    Thanks for your lovely comment.

  7. Glad I'm not the only one who has started contemplating some Autumn/Winter purchases, as made as it sounds!

    Topshop do such amazing stuff don't they?

  8. thx for your comment on my blog...

    maybe we can follow each other?:)

  9. gorgeous stuff!!!!
    I love it :))

    nice blog,

  10. I love those black heels <3

  11. River Island and new look are nice stores! I love the black boots ^-^

  12. Hey !
    Those colors look really good together. Hope you can buy everything you liked :)

  13. Great post! Thanks for sharing :)

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  14. These colors are very exciting for fall! I'm looking forward to it! But still trying to enjoy summer wear, doesn't it seem like it just flies by!! xo

  15. Love it all! Oh how I miss Top Shop!

  16. LOOVE every store you posted about. esp topshop! oh my, the chelsea heels, i'd die if i had them haha. they're gorgeous. love all your picks! became a follower of your blog lovely <3.

    <3, Kathleen.

  17. Love those chelsea heels!

  18. love everything!! esp love those boots

  19. Oh I looooove these pieces!! They're awsome!!:D

    Stop by some time:D


  20. that top river island jumper is killer, I love it

    x camilla

  21. yeaah,it's amazing <3
    do you have the same color?

  22. ooh I love these picks! I am so excited for winter, I LOVE knits :) great blog girl! following ya!


  23. nice!!


  24. LOVE all of this amazing!

  25. I just saw that third sweater from River island on another blog! Stop tempting me! Now, I must have it ;)

  26. some super gorgeous pieces are out!
    love 'em.<3