Thursday, 28 April 2011

Daily Dress Up 8

Just a quick Daily Dress Up before I go to watch some TV and do my nails in preparation for the big ROYAL WEDDING tomorrow! excited much?! 

Dress - Miso, Leggings - Forever 21, Necklace - ASOS

I love the dress, the faded floral print is beautiful and the skater style is really flattering on my body!  I actually bought it from a charity shop for £3.50! Talking of charity shops, I can tick denim shorts off my Summer Wish List as I found a pair of warehouse denim shorts in my local charity shop for £3! I couldn't believe my eyes when i seen them, they are exactly what i had in mind and when i discovered they were in my size i just had to get them!

The royal wedding is tomorrow and its safe to say I'm rather excited! The boyfriend is having a street party which should be a hoot - I have a red and white check dress that I'm going to wear paired with a blue cardigan (if i can find it argh!) so ill be wearing the union jack colours ;) ill make sure to get a few pics of all the goings on! I wish i was in London, the atmosphere must be immense, the anticipation paired with lovely weather and all the events leading up to tomorrow must be so much fun! 

ALSO everyone I know or follow on twitter or even have on facebook appears to be going to the gym and its making me feel like a right lazy sod! Maybe i should join ... ? But I'm really self-conscious and I really don't think being surrounded by strangers would motivate me to exercise and would have much greater negative effects!

I Apologise for the inchorency of this post. 

Do you go to the gym? Would you recommend it?

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Summer Wish List

Recently, I've had no money whatsoever, and any money I do receive goes straight into my piggy bank as I'm saving up for a holiday and other bits and bobs I'm going to need (birthday pressies, uni stuff ect ect) 
So I've decided to create a list of items I want, so I dont end up buying clothes I don't need.
Denim Shorts are a MUST, I already own a pair but they're just some cut off leggings, I'm hoping through some vigorous searching I'll be able to find a pair in a charity shop, as I really don't think denim shorts are worth £20 or more as I will only be wearing them during the summer which is not a very long time at all in England. 
 Crop denim jacket is always a must in any girls wardrobe right now, I think they're lovely paired with a floral summer dress like above! These are one of those pieces of items which i think were going to be seeing right through to autumn'11 teamed with a lovely knit dress and a snugly snood! So its a key item I really want as I know ill be making full use of it throughout the whole year.
These isn't ESSENTIAL but my god I want one! They're so chic and sexy and wonderful, I really need to get my hands on a nude pussybow blouse
 I don't own many shoes at all, so when I do buy a pair I want them to be comfortable and go with most/all of my outfits, so these black strap wedges are perfect! I think they're a great pair of shoes to take on holiday!

Now for some things I want, but don't really need ... 

Words couldn't describe how much I love this button up back peter pan collar dress, I tweeted my lust for in MONTHS ago and I still don't own this beautiful dress! I adore all the small detailing, the collar and the button up back so much!
I want a crochet top/jumper so bad! I think paired with some denim shorts and cropped jeans it would look so lovely and effortless! However, I haven't been able to find one in my very small price range :'( So chances are I wont be finding this in my wardrobe any time soon! If anyone knows of a cheaper alternative they've seen, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
 Really cute forever 21 tie dye tee! Its just too cute not to want! I really need more colour in my wardrobe!
Another adorable forever 21 tee, I love anything with a union jack on LOL :D oh the patriotism.
I love the colour of these paper bag shorts, and i think they'd be really flattering on a body like mine, because the center bow detail would hide my unsightly belly!


 And two pairs of gorgeous ASOS shoes which are just B E A U T I F U L

Whats on your summer wish list? 


Monday, 18 April 2011

Daily Dress Up 7

Not much to say really, its that "time of the month" and my god I'm in pain, so I've just died on the sofa and eaten a lot of junk food ... which I'm now feeling a tad guilty for! 

Vest - Dorothy Perkins, Necklace - Primark, Belt - Primark, Jeans - Store Twenty One, Shoes - Debenhams

I adore these khaki combat jeans! they're from store 21 for a FIVER! As you can probably guess, I'm one for my bargains ;D They're amazing, they have a million different pockets and zips down the side of each leg (not that you can see them that clearly in these pictures *facepalm*) I have to say that it was actually Sanam, a wonderfully beautiful blogger, who made me want a pair like these as shes notorious for wearing her cargo pants and she looks so fabulous in them! I just had to try her look. I'm still a little unsure how to wear these so I did a little inspiration hunting ... 
clearly, keeping it simple with a white blouse is a winner look :)

Now its time to do some Pilate's and burn a few calories! 

Friday, 15 April 2011

Daily Dress Up 6

As I stated in my last Daily Dress Up, I was planning on going out with friends, and I had a lot of trouble selecting an outfit to wear due to not knowing what I was exactly doing on my night out! 
Here was one (of many) potential outfits...
I didn't actually wear this as there was talks for going out for a meal or to a college reunion thing at a pub! And I don't think this outfit was really appropriate, so I actually opted for pretty much this, but without the black tights! Anyway, the playsuit is from ASOS (courtsey of the BF ;) )  and was in sale for £10! I love love love the abstract smudge print on it, and the front zip! Its really different to anything I own, which is good as I really want to experiment more with the styles/colours and the prints I wear.  However, I'm not so keen on the black cutout blocks, I think theres just too many of them; I might take out the stitching and replace it for a more subtle black mesh instead, too much? What do you think?

Anyway, my boyfriend, a few friends and myself pretty much went from one part of Birmingham, to the next and to the next! And it was a really good night, filled with dancing and singing :D I forgot my camera (stupid me) which is a shame, there was lots of potential "Kodak Moments"! And me and the BF ended up walking, part way, home due to our taxi driver going in a mood LOL good times, good times!

Do you have a staple going out, outfit?

Monday, 11 April 2011

Daily Dress Up 5

Hi Lovelies :) 
Weather has been lush these few past days which is VERY rare for the UK (especially in April ... I blame global warming) Apart from drinking smoothies and revising I haven't done much at all, but during a break from revision I took some pictures :D 
              Top - Newlook, Cardi - Charity shop, Jeans - Newlook, Shoes - Primark
I could talk about these jeans for years! They are amazing, they're from newlook, and the sizing is perfect and theyre so soft and comfortable. If you ever need to invest in a new pair of jeans, i would recommend these bad boys! Newlook also do them in a wide variety of colours and shades :) but my god!! Colour, fitting, texture = perfect! They're only £20 too!

I wouldn't consider myself a "blogger" or anything along those lines, and I do only do this blog for fun and to capture myself over the year, to watch myself develop from a different perspective. But, it really does make me feel good about myself, and makes me realise I'm not as half as bad looking as I feel ;) Its such a nice way to build self-esteem which i defiantly need to due to some personal issues.

Going out tomorrow night, AWOOHOO, no idea where or who with at the moment :) 

How does blogging make you feel?

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Daily Dress Up 4

This week the weather has been having a bi-polar meltdown! The first half of the week was grey, miserable and depressing whilst the second half has been filled with glorious sunshine! Here's an outfit from the first half of the week :)
Top - unknown, Skirt and belt - Zara, Necklace - Primark
Some of these pictures are pretty LOL(especially the really white picture, i look so angelic hehe)  but I had a spare hour or so before college and made the most of it!I love my Zara skirt so much, the length is wonderful its midway to being a midi skirt! The colours are so autumnal, its beautiful! The little button detailing run down the skirt is also wonderful.

Tomorrow is the last day of college before Easter break! woo! Cant wait to have a break, despite the fact ill be revising :( boo!

Whats the weather like where you are?

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Jewellery takes people's minds off your wrinkles.

Evening, and happy Mother’s day! 

Was meant to do a Daily Dress Up post featuring my new khaki biker skinny jeans, however over the week I wore them whilst making a raspberry cheesecake with the BF and I dropped a lot of the ingredients over myself as opposed to into the bowl hehe but, the cheesecake was to die for and i would defiantly suggest making it here , it was so simple and sooooo tasty! The entire cheesecake was gone in about 3 days!
So yes, it’s Mothering Sunday! Yesterday I took my mom shopping and out for a meal, as she really doesn’t spend enough money on herself and she bought a fair few things :) I also treated myself to a little handful of treats. 
Everything’s from good ol' Primark! All the jewellery was £2 each! All three pieces are gorgeous; I love all the little detailing the have. Amazing for the price! I had been looking for a tiger/shark tooth necklace but I couldn’t find the perfect one, and then my eyes laid upon this necklace and I just HAD to have it! I love my big statement ring, I don’t own many rings, so I can see I’m going to be wearing this one quite a lot. The colour is such a bright shade of turquoise, and looks a lot more expensive than what is was :) These shoes are also another amazing find! The tassels are so cute! And the golden ends of the bow and a lively little detail! Primarks entire jewellery and accessories section have defiantly got that “hippy” feel to them. The store also had some gorgeous sunflower, feathers, and beaded headbands which were also really nice, and I was extremely tempted to buy one, however headbands just do not suit me and my head! 

Hope You've all spoilt your mothers (and yourselves) this week! :D