Saturday, 23 April 2011

Summer Wish List

Recently, I've had no money whatsoever, and any money I do receive goes straight into my piggy bank as I'm saving up for a holiday and other bits and bobs I'm going to need (birthday pressies, uni stuff ect ect) 
So I've decided to create a list of items I want, so I dont end up buying clothes I don't need.
Denim Shorts are a MUST, I already own a pair but they're just some cut off leggings, I'm hoping through some vigorous searching I'll be able to find a pair in a charity shop, as I really don't think denim shorts are worth £20 or more as I will only be wearing them during the summer which is not a very long time at all in England. 
 Crop denim jacket is always a must in any girls wardrobe right now, I think they're lovely paired with a floral summer dress like above! These are one of those pieces of items which i think were going to be seeing right through to autumn'11 teamed with a lovely knit dress and a snugly snood! So its a key item I really want as I know ill be making full use of it throughout the whole year.
These isn't ESSENTIAL but my god I want one! They're so chic and sexy and wonderful, I really need to get my hands on a nude pussybow blouse
 I don't own many shoes at all, so when I do buy a pair I want them to be comfortable and go with most/all of my outfits, so these black strap wedges are perfect! I think they're a great pair of shoes to take on holiday!

Now for some things I want, but don't really need ... 

Words couldn't describe how much I love this button up back peter pan collar dress, I tweeted my lust for in MONTHS ago and I still don't own this beautiful dress! I adore all the small detailing, the collar and the button up back so much!
I want a crochet top/jumper so bad! I think paired with some denim shorts and cropped jeans it would look so lovely and effortless! However, I haven't been able to find one in my very small price range :'( So chances are I wont be finding this in my wardrobe any time soon! If anyone knows of a cheaper alternative they've seen, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
 Really cute forever 21 tie dye tee! Its just too cute not to want! I really need more colour in my wardrobe!
Another adorable forever 21 tee, I love anything with a union jack on LOL :D oh the patriotism.
I love the colour of these paper bag shorts, and i think they'd be really flattering on a body like mine, because the center bow detail would hide my unsightly belly!


 And two pairs of gorgeous ASOS shoes which are just B E A U T I F U L

Whats on your summer wish list? 



  1. Those denim shorts and that forever 21 flag T are both amaazing!


  2. those are great items. love the denim shorts and the cropped denim jacket. tout est belles
    the f21 tee is absolutely great. i'm going to get it as soon as it reaches here.
    my summer wishlist? probably a chic pair of gold gladiator sandals. ;)

  3. I really want a crochet top too! Or i'd settle for an oversized crochet cardigan hehe. Most pieces I have seen have been out of my budget sadly xo

  4. love the leopard heels, so cute! x

  5. great great things! love the denim jacket!! :)

  6. I also need the shorts and blouse! So cute!

  7. YUMMY! I'm also saving for a long travelling trip so I have to be a good girl too. I NEED one more bikini & just some cute tops/vests etc. I would love all of your WANTS too but I have to stick with the needs ;)

    We're now following you- please follow us back! :)

    T & J


  8. ohh..i love all the things that you've selected!

  9. Nice selections of summer gear! Love it <3 <3 Denim, Floral & bursting Colours is a must :D Am following your blog now :D


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  10. the peterpan collar dress is amazing.
    i totally want one just like that.
    and some denim cut-offs of course!

  11. love the paper bag color shorts !<3

    will be glad if you pass by


  12. love that peter pan collar dress, union jack f21 shirt and asos shoes :)

  13. peter pan collar dress is gorge xxxxxx

  14. those shorts!
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx
    take a peek at my latest giveaway while you're at it!

  15. wow...wishlist is full hahaha
    i love the shorts both denim and paper bag colors shorts :)

  16. REALLY LIKE THOSE ITEMS, YOU ARE SO RIGHT, I RECENTLY DID A WISH LIST TOO, TAKE A LOOK ON MY BLOG !! we could follow each other, loev the shorts btw.
    (do u have bloglovin? we can follow there too;);))

  17. very nice shorts:)

  18. That peter pan collar dress is GORGEOUS!!xx

  19. Отличные вещи!=)Я очень хочу купить себе джинсовые шорты=)

  20. u are cool))
    i started to follow u baby
    it will be great, if u will answer me in following and do it too <33

  21. like ur blog. i follow u. i have any money too and i'm waiting for my bday ;PP

  22. i love her shoes!!!!!

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  23. Hey I go the sleeveless version of the top :D
    I want the shorts too!