Friday, 15 April 2011

Daily Dress Up 6

As I stated in my last Daily Dress Up, I was planning on going out with friends, and I had a lot of trouble selecting an outfit to wear due to not knowing what I was exactly doing on my night out! 
Here was one (of many) potential outfits...
I didn't actually wear this as there was talks for going out for a meal or to a college reunion thing at a pub! And I don't think this outfit was really appropriate, so I actually opted for pretty much this, but without the black tights! Anyway, the playsuit is from ASOS (courtsey of the BF ;) )  and was in sale for £10! I love love love the abstract smudge print on it, and the front zip! Its really different to anything I own, which is good as I really want to experiment more with the styles/colours and the prints I wear.  However, I'm not so keen on the black cutout blocks, I think theres just too many of them; I might take out the stitching and replace it for a more subtle black mesh instead, too much? What do you think?

Anyway, my boyfriend, a few friends and myself pretty much went from one part of Birmingham, to the next and to the next! And it was a really good night, filled with dancing and singing :D I forgot my camera (stupid me) which is a shame, there was lots of potential "Kodak Moments"! And me and the BF ended up walking, part way, home due to our taxi driver going in a mood LOL good times, good times!

Do you have a staple going out, outfit?


  1. beautiful dress or mono like we say... ;) you look great.

  2. That dress is soooo cute!!

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  3. love your outfit!

    your newest follower here :)

  4. you look so lovely. I tend to throw on the first thing that cathces my eye in my wardrobe for a night out otherwise its a never ending struggle to decide!

    Helen, X

  5. love your outfit! you have such great style. Awesome blog. I am now following! If you have time, pls visit mine.

    xo//Andrea Marie

  6. I really like the jumpsuit…=) (and even better if it's the courtesy of the BF^^) it has (to me) a little bit of a wild touch, but still looks girly enough…=)