Monday, 21 March 2011

Daily Dress Up 2

Hello beautiful! and Hello the first day of Spring!

Went for a lovely Sunday lunch with the "in-laws" over the weekend, and this is what I wore :) We actually went to a herb centre which is pretty LOL and ate at the restaurant/cafe there, it was very nice, I had the best prawn salad EVER! I adore spending time with my boyfriends family, they're all so funny and well, rather cool! It makes me all excited for when I'm older and I'm going to have my very own family! (sad I know) I'm aware these pictures aren't wonderful, I'm not used to using the self timer on my camera and I'm still learning - so any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated! - I'm also experimenting with all the rooms in my house too, trying to find the room with the best lighting so within a few weeks you may discover what my house looks like from all my different Daily Dress Up posts!
Dress - H&M , Belt and Tights - Primark, Shoes - Debenhams
The dress is from H&M and is simply gorgeous! It has a simply daisy print all over and buttons going down it. The shirred elastic waist is so flattering too, hiding my belly! I adore anything cute and floral so this is a winner, and for £15 a bargain too! 
Hope you all have a lovely week!


  1. Bargin brought by me!!!! :-P
    Love the post baby. I'm glad you enjoyed spending time with my family.

  2. cute dress, love the belt too its adorable