Sunday, 22 July 2012

Daily Dress Up 19

Cardigan - Charity Shop // Blouse - Primark // Jeans - NewLook

I had been eyeing up this blouse a few times but with the UKs bipolar weather I didn't see much point buying it however, when I seen it in the sale racks of primark for £5! It would have been rude not to buy it! 

Of course, me being the idiot I am kept my cardigan on whilst taking the photos so you cant see the amazing floral details along the sides of the blouse - I think its a nice mix up to the average floral blouse. I also think its quite slimming as it narrows your entire body down - but I'm really sorry you cant see it in the pictures! :(


  1. i love your blouse! :))
    awww. you can always re-shoot this blouse dear :">


  2. This blouse is lovely

    Love Roza xxx