Friday, 6 July 2012

All About NAILS

All about Nails is a nail polish brand exclusive to the super giant Tesco which I discovered whilst doing my weekly shops at university. I saw the extensive array of colours and I was hooked, at closer inspection I found they were only 99p each! And the addiction began.....

 L - R: Plum Rasin, Blueberry Pie, Praline, Mint Snow
I'm currently wearing Praline - but I've tried and tested all the colours and they have to be my favourite nail polish brand ever! I've tried Barry M, Models Own, Rimmel the list goes on and I have to say Tescos' All about Nails comes top every time!

- The pigmentation of the polishes are extremely good meaning really only one coat is needed - however I insist on doing two regardless (old habits die hard) 
-  How many times have you seen a gorgeous colour in a bottle and once your purchased it and tried it on it just doesn't look the same? Not with these, the colours in the bottle exactly match what you put on your nails! 
- The consistency of these polishes I find are perfect, not too thick, like your applying already half dried/gloopy polish onto your nails (I'm talking to you Barry M) and not too thin meaning your having to put coat upon coat to get the desired colour. It really is perfect!
- Drying time I would say is the same as any other nail polish to be honest - however once it is dry I can safely say the polish wont chip, provided a good top coat is applied - for approximately a week!

I would definitely recommend these, and at only 99p they're worth trying!


  1. Only 99p?!! That's incredible value for money! Think I need to go and have a nose in Tesco :) Just found your blog and I LOVE *new follower* x x

    1. I know, its so cheap its amazing! Awhhh thank youu lovely! :D xxx

  2. unfortunately i have never heard or seen of that brand but those nail polish seem awesome!! the colors look great and for only 1$?! that is definitely a steal, i can completely understand why youre hooked!

    alex @

  3. absolutely loving these nail colors ;p

  4. Amaazing blog and I really love it.

    Very nice photos :))

    ~~follow each other?

  5. lovely! just lovely!

  6. Gorgeous colour xx


  7. Oh my! Many a trip to Tesco next year me thinks!
    I had no idea these were so cheap, the only Tesco near me is the one at Uni :(

    Lovely blog post m'dear ;)



  8. really great article , I'm in love ! good job and hope to see other stunning posts from you , kisses .

  9. I love these so much! I've only got a couple at the moment but your post has swayed me to buy lots more! xx

  10. I bought some yesterday for the first time and they are great.
    great blog cxx