Sunday, 2 December 2012

Ciates Mini Mani Month

As a woman coming to the grand old age of twenty one and a forever need to "loose weight" a standard chocolate advent calender really wasn't doing it for me this year. Whilst I was trawling through instagram I came across this! The Ciate mini Mani advent calender and with a few subtle tweets explaining my need for this advent calender the wonderful boyfriend purchased it for me :) However, I really would have bought this for myself if he hadn't - its absolutely amazing!

The Ciate advent calender comes with seventeen of their best selling nail polishes along with four caviar blends (which I am so excited to try out!) and three exclusive glitter polishes which will only be available through the advent calender! Considering one of Ciates mini nail polishes retails for £3 I'm making an impressive saving of £37!

The advent calender has been a massive success and has completely sold out in Selfridges and is going for around £75 on Ebay! however, you can still buy it directly from the Ciate website for £38 plus shipping. 

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