Thursday, 5 May 2011

Week 4: Wedding of the year!

A little late I know, and news has swiftly moved onto other things such as the "death" of Osama and the referendum in the UK but here are some more happy pictures of Will and Kates wedding from last week. 
So here are a few snaps, I'm sad to say I couldn't wear my red check dress as it was just far too cold, so i opted for my red check shirt and jeans instead and didn't bother doing a Daily Dress Up. 
The day was lovely, we watched the wedding on the TV - Kates dress looked beautiful and I'm really happy she wore Sarah Burton, it was so elegant and timeless. The lace covered her modesty without looking like a nun which was good, I was worried she would either look to slaggy for a royal wedding or too conservative that it looked like Will was marrying his own grandmother!
Later the street party began, we ate and drank ourselves silly followed by games and bouncing on the bouncy castle! Ive never been to a street party before, and the chances of ever going to one again is extremely slim however it was lovely and such a brilliant way to celebrate the wedding, and i know i will always remember it.

Also, on my previous post I asked if I should go to the gym, and thank you for all your comments!! All of them were positive so I shall be joining the gym. As soon as I start my exam leave (which I have no idea when that actually begins, ooops) I will have so much spare time on my hands I will try and go to the gym everyday, mainly for swimming and running I think, :)
Once again, thank you for all your comments, they are amazingly helpful and I appreciate them all :)


  1. Those pictures are adorable and it looks like such a good time.
    - Gaby

    From Rags to Glam

  2. Wow! Looks like sooo much fun <3



  3. wow, it was quite the event at your place! :)

  4. looks like such an amazing time.
    great pictures doll.<3

  5. hey babe...Thanks for commenting on my blog!! appreciate it!! Cute and fun blog...will be following you. Cheers!!


  6. it looks like you has fun and a lot of yummy food ;):)

    great blog, I'm following you

  7. those cakes look yummy xxxx

  8. Я люблю Великобританию!:)
    Классные фото!

  9. Cute pictures, looks like you had a lovely day xxx

  10. wow... such yummy cupcakes... :) i love your blog! you have an amazing style.. followed you dear ;)

    hope you could visit my blog too..

  11. wow!!!great photos and blog!what about follow each other?kisseS!!!

  12. mmm cupcakes !! im in love with cakes !!
    Love your blog sweetie !
    xoxo from spain

  13. Fuuuun, those cupcakes looks delish

  14. so fun how you guys over there made a big party of the occasion. If only the Belgian royalty had the same effect ... euhm ..nope !

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  15. this is so great! I heart you're blog.
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  16. such a cute blog! great shots.
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  17. What a cool post. I saw the wedding on TV but it is cool to see how "the people" celebrated. haha. Im over in California and the wedding was amazing to watch.